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Industry Problem

  • Acid Mine Drainage:

  • Water Contamination: acidic water and metal ions increase water toxicity and negatively effects the aquatic life and food chain

  • Disturbs the reproduction system of aquatic life and may decrease their population

  • Causes corrosion of local infrastructure

  • Conventional Treatment Solutions:

  • Inconsistent output quality – compromises environmental discharge

  • Residual, high cost waste streams

  • No recovery of valuable salts / metals

H2O Solution

  • Outputs a High-Purity Water Quality with Selected Salt Recovery

  • Recovery of salts offers major offsetting income

  • Capable of handling a wide feed water variable to generate a consistent output

  • Chemically resistant membranes (pH 0-14)

  • Small system footprint with Low lifecycle cost – low power & long-life components

  • Significant volume reduction of waste streams - Zero Liquid Discharge option

  • Reduced disposal costs

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