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Power Generation

Industry Problem

  • High purity boiler feed water is critical to the successful operation of industrial Facilities. Boiler water problems include:

  • Formation of scales & deposits resulting in poor heat transfer efficiencies

  • Corrosion in the boiler and steam system

  • Maintaining high level of steam purity

  • Removal of oil, organics, TSS, dissolved minerals, and dissolved oxygen is critical to avoid scaling & fouling, and reducing the performance & longevity of expensive boiler/turbine equipment

H2O Solution

H2O Systems Treats Boiler Feed Water to a High-Purity Water Quality:

  • Non-chemical solution

  • No temperature limitations (using silicon carbide ceramic ultrafiltration membranes)

  • Remove all oil, TSS & organics in a single step

  • Chemically resistant membranes (pH 0-14)

  • Small footprint

  • Low lifecycle cost – low power & long-life components

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