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Silicon Carbide Filtration

H2O Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic filtration membranes offer longer life, corrosion and erosion resistance and the highest flux of any membranes on the market.

H2O SiC remove total suspended solids, hydrocarbons (oil) and bacteria, offering the highest flux of any membrane materials. 

H2O's advanced SiC membranes are chemically robust, and abrasion and erosion resistant. The membranes can operate in high temperature conditions and exhibit minimal fouling. SiC membranes can be cleaned in place to maintain consistent flux. This results in consistent output, reduced maintenance, and lower equipment and labor costs.

H2O SiC membranes are available in a range of pore sized (ultrafiltration & microfiltration) and configurations: large monolith for optimized dead-end filtration, and tubular geometries optimized for cross-flow filtration.

SiC Applications

  • Applications that involve extreme conditions, such as extreme high temperatures, pressures or pressure pulses and high corrosive solvents such as strong acids or lyes.

  • Filtration of media containing abrasive particles or for high solids bulk processes.

SiC Features & Benefits

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Thermal stability up to 1000°C in air

  • High chemical and pH compatibility

  • Excellent permeability and ability to handle high solid concentration

  • Easy cleaning by a variety of methods, e.g. thermal and chemical treatment or back pressure flushes

  • High pressure stability

  • Long operational life

  • High flux

SiC Insights

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SiC High Flux.png
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