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H2O Systems expert engineering team utilize advance design simulation and lifecycle modelling to design optimal water treatment systems.

H2O manufactures and integrates proprietary technologies with best-in-class system components to provide innovative, low-cost water treatment systems.

H2O has designed and developed revolutionary new technologies for challenging water treatment projects including ceramic ultrafiltration, electrocoagulation, and membrane distillation solutions.

Research &
Demo Systems & Prototype Testing

H2O Systems' innovative science & engineering research is undertaken in partnership with University of Wyoming Center of Excellence in Produced Water Management and Purdue University Warsigner Water Lab.


Our goal is to develop and implement environmentally sustainable and economically viable water resource recovery programs for industrial and municipal wastewaters.

Our work includes improved process design for water treatment, new membrane materials and coatings, new membrane antifouling processes, and energy efficiency thermodynamics for water treatment.

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Operations &

H2O offers a range of support services providing long-term operations  & maintenance support to our customers.

Automated Performance Data Capture & Reporting

Remote Monitoring & Control

Preventive and corrective maintenance and repair service

Consumables, Spares & Replacement Parts

Long-term guarantees.



H2O Systems is a privately owned & operated company based in North America, with operations in USA & Canada.


H2O designs, manufacturers, operates and maintains advanced, non-chemical water treatment systems.  H2O's cost saving technologies provide customers with low-cost, high-performance solutions, engineered to deliver optimal performance at minimum cost.



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Oil & Gas

H2O Systems converts produced water from a high-cost waste to a valuable resource, reducing costs & providing water for completions

Produced water is the biggest product of the Oil & Gas industry


Handling & disposing produced water is the largest single cost of operating a well

Water availability for fracking in water-scarce regions represents a major threat to E&P competitiveness

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Power Generation

H2O ultrafiltration is critical to the successful operation of industrial facilities, providing high purity boiler feed water, ensuring optimal facility performance

The boiler house or steam generation facility is the heart of most industrial power plant.  Operating 24 hours a day, the treatment of boiler feedwater is the key to successful operation of industrial power plants

Removal of scales & deposits, oil, organics, solids, dissolved minerals, and dissolved oxygen are critical to avoid scaling & fouling, and reducing the performance & longevity of expensive boiler/turbine equipment

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H2O solves mining water issues, from potable water desalination to process water & wastewater solutions for all types of mining sites and tailings ponds

Efficient & sustainable water treatment is critical to optimize mining facility performance and ensuring environmental compliance

Reliable & efficient water treatment, capable of working in remote & harsh locations is at the core of every successful mining operation

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H2O's guaranteed filtration for SOx scrubber wastewater ensures environmental compliance, system efficiency, minimizing cost and waste material​ 

IMO sulphur cap is leading many shipowners and operators to install SOx scrubbers

Scrubbers use vast amounts of water to capture the SOx and other exhaust pollutants

Treating the water is challenging due to the space constraints on ships

Variable water chemistry, organic loading, variable temperature makes treating the water a challenge


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Silicon Carbide Ultrafiltration

Resists extreme mechanical, thermal & chemical stresses, making it ideal for challenging industrial water and wastewater applications

Membrane Distillation

High-TDS desalination

Low energy, thermally driven separation process

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Non-chemical alternative to chemical coagulation

Removes metals, emulsified oils, bacteria & other contaminants from water

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Efficient industrial filtration solutions

High intensity magnetic separator

Out performs sand filters, bag filters, and hydrocyclones

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Mobile Solutions

Solutions for remote, harsh locations

Compact, skid mounted or containerized solutions

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Self Learning Systems

Advanced process automation & control systems

Minimize on-site operator involvement, saving time & cost



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4100 Eldorado Parkway

Suite 100-173

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Tel: 713-408-3435


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